Make 1 Million CFA Ads Staking

Make Passive Income by investing in the ads market, a 24-hour profit yielding algorithm.

1. Create An Account

Start your journey by creating your account in just a few seconds

2. Top Up Your Wallet

Deposit into your Ads wallet via MTN and Orange Mobile Money

3. Watch Your Balance Grow

Observe the changes in your balance when the market closes and opens

How The Ads Wallet Works

After making your deposit, the algorithm deducts part of your money daily to run in the market, which comes back into your account in 24 hours with profits or as a loss.

Profits in the market is made when the algorithm credits your account with more than what was debited, and losses are made when the algorithm credits lesser than what was debited.

The algorithm groups all debit of users to use and run ads on products that generate profits from sales, in which the algorithm shares amongst the grouped members according to their percentage of debit contributed to the group, this group is called a P.E.P(Product Earning Pool).

Product Categories The Market Invests In

CFA 0 +
Cashed In


Yes, you can start with a minimum deposit of 5,000FRS and start seeing your earnings 24 hours after deposit.


You can withdraw from your account anytime and anywhere and have the money in your MoMo account in no time. Withdrawals take a max of 24 hours.

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